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Experts in the Vacation Rental & Real Estate Market.

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Experts in the Vacation Rental & Real Estate Market

To ensure that you find the best investment property possible, our team operates on a simple yet effective premise, be an expert in the local real estate market. Our real estate team is comprised of local vacation rental and real estate experts who know the neighborhoods and cities your investment home will be located in. Our team stays up to date on property values, local market trends, and other information as it relates to purchasing and operating your investment property. Our real estate agents get the inside scoop on where the best areas are to purchase investment homes, where the local entertainment districts and sporting events are held, and everything in between that will put guests in your vacation home for as many days of the year as possible.

Integrated Real Estate & Property Management Services

Not only will our team help you locate the best possible investment properties for your needs, but we also offer services to ensure your home is managed properly. Along with matching you up to a great investment home, we want to be invested in your continued success. We help you understand everything it takes to best manage, market and show your property to potential renters. Our goal is to optimize your occupancy rates while maximizing your earning potential.

Integrated Real Estate & Renovation Services

Our team specializes in financing and renovating “Fixer Upper” properties. We will guide you throughout the entire process, providing you with your best options to complete your project both timely and to the highest standard. With over 10 years combined of real estate and construction experience, rest assured your property is in good hands.

Dual Purpose Investing

Many of our customers want to get an investment home that will also be beneficial to their travel plans. There are hundreds of vacation destinations across the country that you could choose from, but there is a reason why so many investors choose North Idaho. Many of our home owners choose to block off days of the year so they can stay in and enjoy their own investment property. Whether it’s an investment opportunity, a retirement plan, or a vacation home for yourself, our seasoned real estate team is here to help!

Expected Return on Investment Real Estate

The average return on investment, considering all markets and all price points, is about $33k annually. A home marketed and maintained by StayCDA can earn anywhere from $45k to $65K or more annually (depending on property size). Our real estate team achieves high occupancy rates for our clients by utilizing industry-leading, dynamic pricing in tandem with a cutting-edge digital advertising and marketing strategies for all the vacation rentals we manage.

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